Dr Kathinka Walter-Høeg (née Walter) is a German choreographer/performer/lecturer/researcher who moved to Hamburg/Germany in February 2015 after having lived in Leeds/UK for 15 years. In Hamburg she teaches choreography at the Erika Klütz Schule and improvisation at the Lola Rogge Schule und the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg. She also teaches yoga to dancers and non-dancers and is the research assistant for the choreographer Silke Z.

In Leeds she was the coordinator for the Choreography and Creative Studies faculty alongside her lectureship at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. In 2017 she was awarded a degree of doctor in philosophy (PhD) from the University of Leeds (School of Performance and Cultural Industries) where her research focused on the concept of the ‘visible choreographer’ within the performance process.

In 2001 Kathinka graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds, UK). On completing her degree she moved to Berlin to choreograph and collaborate with amongst others Felix Ruckert (‘Ring’ 2001) and Post Theater. Kathinka returned to the UK in 2003 to take up the post of choreographer in residence at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she also taught choreography. In 2007 Kathinka completed her MA in choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School (awarded with distinction).

Since 2007 Kathinka has worked on various choreographic projects in the U.K. and Germany and apart from her lectureship at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, she has taught at the University of Leeds, Leeds Trinity University, York St John and Balance 1 (Berlin). Kathinka worked as a dramaturge for the dance company MotionManual (2008-2011) and wrote regularly for the German dance magazine TanzRaum Berlin (2006-2009).


Kathinka has been awarded with:

Nominated for the “Best Researcher of the Year” by the University of Leeds

Selected to participate in the FIRT/IFTR Performance as Research
Working Group

Selected for the LIFT program, a support for dance artists in Yorkshire
run by Yorkshire Dance

The Lisa Ullman traveling award

Since 2005
Arts Council funding for various choreographic projects

The CDD scholarship for her MA study

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