In my observation of Kathinka’s work, her commitment is most evident. She spends a considerable amount of time and effort planning exiting and challenging lessons, and though she is open to others’ ideas and methods, her work always carries an original stamp. Kathinka’s enthusiasm recommends her for any teaching job, wherein she will undoubtedly create a rich and aesthetic learning experience for those under her tuition.
(Cordelia Mackay, mentor at Artis)

Kathinka is highly experienced in teaching in Higher Education. Since 2003 she has been teaching choreography, improvisation, cross art collaboration, site specific work and yoga at various institutions, such as the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (since 2003), the University of Leeds (2011-12), York St John (2005-09), Balance 1 (Berlin, 2007-08) and Leeds Trinity University College (Leeds, 2006-08). From 2013-15 she was the faculty coordinator for Choreography and Creative Studies alongside her lectureship at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) for Choreography and Creative Studies.

Please see further information about NSCD here: http://www.article19.co.uk/06/hdvideo/northern_school_of_contemporary_dance.php

In February 2015 she moved to Hamburg/Germany and started teaching at Lola Rogge SchuleErika Klütz Schule und Contemporary Dance School Hamburg.

Kathinka also teaches workshops internationally (e.g. Bilbao, Hamburg, Warsaw, Sønderborg) and shares her choreographic and creative ideas and experiences.

In addition to her teaching work in Higher Education, Kathinka has been teaching for different schools and community dance projects in England and Germany, for example the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Yorkshire Dance, TanzZeit Berlin and Artis. These experiences have taught her important skills in teaching groups of various sizes and levels as well as the importance of pace, group management and equal opportunities.

In 2016 she started teaching at the Staatliche Gewerbeschule für Stahl- und Maschinenbau (Hamburg) where she teaches German, English, dance and yoga. She works with young immigrants and supports their integration into the German life and their transition from school to a successful career entry. In 2017 she changed to the Staatliche Gewerbeschule Energietechnik, continuing working with young immigrants. This post includes the same classes as in the previous school, but has greater responsibilities within the position of class teacher.

From 2003-2010 Kathinka had been commissioned by the German organization for community arts projects Festland e.V. (http://www.dorf-macht-oper.de/) to work with young people on several performance projects. These projects involved up to 6 weeks rehearsals leading to public performances in collaboration with the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra. Since 2008 these projects became part of the outreach programme of the Academy of the Arts Berlin.

Please see the latest project, Festessen (2010) here:
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