Back from New York


Before I decide at Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn), 7th July 2013I’m back from New York and I’m still buzzing from this great time I had over there, feeling inspired, full of new ideas and many contacts as well as invites to other festivals for next year (New York, Mexico, Berlin). I am very grateful for this opportunity and the experiences I have had, helping me to broaden my artistic/research horizon, offering a wealth of experience and reflections.


I need more time now to reflect on it but both, for my artistic work as well as my research (PhD) it has been highly beneficial and I have made many discoveries and unexpected findings, opening up new possibilities for where the work could go from here.


As I will spend the next few weeks to reflect and write about my time in New York, I thought I post another ‘Talking Diary‘, this time filmed at the end of the third rehearsal day (3rd July 2013). Watching it back, I remember the excitement, the pure happiness of experiencing something so rich and fulfilling – the heat not only of a hot summer evening in Brooklyn, but also of my mind buzzing with new ideas  and stories from the day.



The travel cost of this project was supported by the Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund.


 Photo: H. Vartanian



Published - Jul 29, 2013

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