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 For the last few weeks I have been preparing, together with the dance practitioner Louise McDowall and Dr Fiona Bannon, our research seminar for the School of Performance and Cultural Industries (University of Leeds), which will happen on the 3rd March 2014 at 6pm (Alec Clegg Studio, PCI).


The idea is to take Louise’s and my conversations about our research journeys as part of our shared living – our ‘kitchen talk’ – and present them to other academics and people interested in dance practice/research.


The seminar shares emerging relational knowledge realised in the often messy and sometimes irrational search for ideas. Aligning the research journey with the aesthetic experiences that frame the complex realm of our engagements we offer glimpses of alternate ways of rehearsing knowing, improvising, and choreography. (Bannon, 2014)




 We are interested in keeping the informality, the warmth and intimacy of being in our kitchen and finding a way to share this with the audience, working with all senses and having different images/videos/audio recordings as well as some knitting and the smell of Louise’s hot tea cakes and my coffee in the room. We would like to capture the conversation between researcher and research and how one is influencing the other, how one cannot be seen without the other.


To give you a taste of our long lunch breaks with much food for the mind, please find below two audio abstracts from our kitchen talks.


Photos: Fiona Bannon, Louise McDowall, Helena Byles















Published - Feb 21, 2014

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