Sometimes I can begin to understand when I compare Kathinka to an abstract painter; she is focused on the colors here, a few shapes there, line formation, tonal moods. She uses huge brushes to make massive gestural marks, and then tiny actions to make small delicate stories to create an overall effect.

(Bryony Pritchard, performer)


Apart from her choreographic work, Kathinka has collaborated with many choreographers as a performer/dancer.



Interactive Performances

(Leeds, with the collective ‘Invisible Architects’)



The infinite Winter

(Leeds, by Peter Laycock)



Home and how to get there

(Zurich, by Wendy Houston)



im irgendwo

(Rohkunstbau Festival /Berlin, in collaboration with Post Theater)




(Berlin, in collaboration with Post Theater)




(Biennale Venedig, by Heman Chong)




(Bauhaus Dessau, by Hiroko Tanahashi)




(Leeds, by Felix Ruckert)




Even though Kathinka moved to Hamburg, she is still a member of the collective Improvisation Exchange, a Leeds based collective, facilitating movement improvisation workshops. The collective was formed in 2008 by five dance artists to research improvisation through their individual and joint practices and to invite other practitioners to share theirs. Exchanges take place through practical exploration, performance, discussion and open improvisation classes and jams. Over the years the Improvisation Exchange has gained recognition and now attracts improvisers and teachers from across the UK. Being a member of the collective supports her improvisation practice and offers opportunities for network nationally and internationally.


Kathinka is in the process of setting up an Improvisation Exchange in Hamburg.

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