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 As part of my New York preparation I’ve decided to present this month’s blog post not as a written form, but verbally. I’ve started recording my ‘Talking Diaries’ when working on Before I decide in 2011. Apart from writing in my notebook, it is a great form of catching ideas and thoughts throughout the creative  process. I find that capturing it verbally offers more nuances to the documentation of my thinking, giving space to the in between places, the not-knowing. And listening to it makes me remember more than just the words – it captures the frame of mind I was in at that time and the emotions going along side it.


I would like to invite you to listen to my entry from the 13th June 2013. So far I’ve recorded three entries for this ‘Talking Diary’ and I will continue with it when I’m in New York. The complete ‘Talking Diary’ (New York) will then be presented as part of the performance on the 7th July 2013 at the Grace Exhibition Space (Brooklyn).


Photo: Josh Hawkins



Published - Jun 23, 2013

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